Extension Aftercare Advice

Your aftercare is as important as having your hair extensions applied, you must invest your time in looking after your hair and use suitable hydrating products too. Matrix Mega Sleek Duo is ideal for your weekly shampoo, then follow with Matrix Miracle Creator before blow drying.


BRUSH BEFORE BED: Ensure there are no tangles, using Denman Ultra Detangling Brush.

DO NOT BRUSH WHEN THE HAIR IS WET: It is at it’s weakest then this will stop breakage and stretching.

USE SULPAHTE FREE PRODUCTS: Sulphate strips hair of its natural oils and as the extension hair is drier than usual because it is not being nourished from the natural oils produced by the scalp try Matrix Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner.

WASH GENTLY: Do not rub the hair vigorously use stroking actions through the hair and rub the scalp with your fingers.

RINSE BETWEEN EACH WASH: Wash twice and condition once apply conditioner to the ends only.

USE A MASK: Use Otto Keunis Argan +5 Hydrating Mask 250ml once a week to hydrate the hair.

BRUSHES: Use a brush recommended by your stylist to brush through the bonds and a round brush to blow dry your hair.

SWIMMING/SPORTS: You can swim but wash thoroughly as soon as possible and condition well.

HEAT PROTECTORS: Most thermal defense sprays only protect up to 180C so if you can lower your heat to this and don’t over use your heated tools.

COLOURING: It is not advised to colour your extensions, speak with your stylist about colouring services.