Refresh Sessions and Additional Method Training

Expand Your Learning Opportunities

In addition to our comprehensive Hair Extensions Course, we offer a range of additional learning opportunities to help you continue growing in your career:

  • Refresher Days: Keep your skills sharp and up-to-date with our refresher days. Revisit the techniques you've learned, get updates on the latest methods, and address any challenges you've encountered in your practice.

  • Additional Method Training: Broaden your skill set with our advanced modules covering additional hair extension methods. Stand out in your field by offering a wider range of services to your clients.

  • Customized Training: Tailor your learning experience to your specific interests and needs. Request training in specific methods or techniques to enhance your expertise.

  • Master Classes: Dive deeper into specific aspects of hair extensions with our master classes. Learn advanced techniques and gain specialized knowledge that will set you apart.

  • Business Development Sessions: Learn how to effectively market your services, attract and retain clients, and leverage social media to grow your business.