Hair Extensions


Hair Extensions can be applied in many different ways to add volume or length, they can be used to help grow out an old hairstyle, add volume to fine hair or just add that length you have always wanted!

With our extensive knowledge in Hair Extension Services, there is something to suit every clients requirements and budget.

Hair Extensions are not an easy option or a “quick fix”, they are a commitment that you will need to spend time and money on to maintain them At CBHB&Co we pride ourselves on the fact that we will happily turn away a client if we feel that they will not cope or their hair is not suitable.

Good hair extensions can help your natural hair grow when applied and maintained correctly. When you make the decision to have extensions applied you will be given a full consultation to assess the condition of your hair, your lifestyle and your medical history, once all this is done we will discuss which method and how many bonds/length you will need.

We work with Beauty Works to provide the best quality hair and aftercare products available.

It is vital that you attend regular maintenance appointments, at least every 6 weeks, to have a blowdry and a treatment applied. We will check through the bonds and remove/change any bonds that need it.

Your hair extensions should last 4 to 5 months after this time, we remove the hair and either apply a new set or allow your natural hair to rest.

Tara Maynard


At CBHB&co we only use the best quality hair and products available, we use Beauty Works Hair and have worked with them for a number of years,with over 15 years experience in hair extensions in many different methods we have come to love the quality and color choices available from Beauty Works Hair.

Cathy has done Tara’s hair for a number of years becoming her trusted “hair god” Tara has worn extensions in the past and suffered hair damage from them, that is why when Cathy starting doing Tara’s hair she wanted to reassure her you can have extensions and still maintain healthy natural hair at the same time.

We use Beauty Works Flat Tip extensions and use between 50 and 100 bonds depending on the length and thickness we are trying to create, we also switch up the colour, we either use the shade Chocolate when Tara has her hair a little darker or currently the shade Brond’bre  which we are loving!

Tara is a fav for fashion lovers on Instagram and has edits with I Saw It First fashion brand and Rodial Skincare.