Reopening Plans April 2021

We can not wait to open the doors and get back to doing what we do best!!
As with the last reopen we will run on a system of those cancelled first will get offered bookings first as some have paid deposits for their cancelled appointments.
We are not going to open the diary just yet as we do not want to have to rearrange if things do not open as we hope, we are also still unsure on restrictions once we do open, so for now we are creating a wait list and will then be able to fit everyone in once we are sure on how things will go.
We will go back through the diary and those with cancelled bookings will automatically be added and then offered appointments once we start booking in, for those that wish to be added please could you contact us at:
or contact us on our FB or INSTA social media pages.
We ask that if you have not been to us for 6 months that we patch test you before we carry out any colouring services. 
Thankyou for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon.
CBHB&Co Team